G J Speedway Gymnastics, Inc

Tuition is paid by monthly classes                                                                       Monthly Tuition Fees
     1 class per week                                                                       $80
     1 1/2 hours per week                                                               $120
     2 classes per week                                                                   $155

Family Plan : $5 discount for the second  enrolled child

Tuition due: Tuition is due by the 1st of the month. A $10.00 late fee is added after the 5th of the month. Any delinquent account will result in your child not participating in class.

Registration Fee: $50.00 per student/year

 Our contact information is at the contact us page. The registration form below must be filled out and brought to the gym at the time of the sign up. 

Student/coach ratio: Pre-school 6-8 to 1,  all other classes 10-12 to 1

Private lessons are available to our registered students from any of our coaches.  Please check with the office.

Parents are welcome to watch, but PLEASE stay in the viewing area.

Registration form is provided below. Please fill it out and bring to the gym at the time of your trial class.